Some of us have it, some of us heard about it, some have seen it and some not.

Artificial Grass is a surface of synthetic fibres made to look like natural grass “fake grass”. It is tufted with the same methods used in making carpets.

Artificial Grass is made up of 3 main materials:

  • Polyethylene

  • Polypropylene

  • Nylon

Artificial Grass was firstly manufactured to replace natural grass in stadiums and sporting arena’s.

Natural grass requires sunlight, water, nutrients and time to grow. Then there’s the part of maintenance, it requires regular trimming and it requires time to heal after heavy traffic.

Artificial Grass can withstand heavy use, low maintenance and no irrigation.

Artificial Grass

Positives of installing Artificial Grass:

  • Saves you water – no watering needed

  • No need for mowing – artificial grass doesn’t grow

  • Low maintenance –all you need is a soft broom

  • It always looks great – it will always remain green

  • No fertilizers or Pesticides needed

  • Never have a weed problem again

Today, Artificial Grass is used in kids play areas, residential gardens and at commercial sites.

Artificial Grass

You can put it anywhere and everywhere, let us list a few places:

  • Anywhere in the Garden area

  • Jungle gym or play area

  • On cement or sand surfaces in the yard

  • In the lounge area

  • On the floor in the children’s room

  • On the balcony

  • Even on walls….

Artificial Turf

These are only a few but the more creative you are the better.

Give us the opportunity to assist you in choosing the right product and service for you.

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