Artificial grass was first introduced in the 1960s with a wide variety of uses to back it up. Over the years, it has become more popular than in previous years, especially because there are so many different things you can do with it.

Today, artificial grass gets designed based on its purpose. Sometimes, it even gets designed based on a specific or unique request. Since good quality artificial grass has an incredibly natural look and good feel to it, complete with a range of benefits, it is something that is expected to gain even more popularity going forward, especially because natural grass is hard to maintain.

What Does Artificial Grass Get Used for the Most?

  • Residential grass

As the number one use for artificial grass, any manufacturer thereof or landscaping expert can tell you that it is preferred above natural grass by many households. Whether your lawn is looking a little dull, has not been maintained over the years, or consists of patches and dead grass, there is nothing artificial grass cannot improve. Keeping in mind that it is, however, not entirely maintenance-free, it does look better than natural grass and takes less effort to maintain it.

  • Pet turf

When pets use grass as their bathroom facility, it can smell quite bad. Natural grass is especially not accommodating to dogs as it can leave them dirty and even make a mess indoors if your dogs are used to living inside. Needless to say, it is not very hygienic either, which is why many dog owners prefer artificial turf for their pets. It serves as a great option as it can be cleaned, leaving no smell or stains behind.

  • Indoor and outdoor events

Fancy a party on the rooftop? Or, perhaps indoors? Artificial grass is a great option for turning a room into a party or exhibition with the help of this trendy garden element. It is also popularly used in restaurants, and on the apartment, balconies to add a sense of a lush green garden to your home.

  • Schools and nurseries

Artificial grass is great for schools and nurseries as it ensures that kids will not get dirty or hurt when playing outside. Since the maintenance of grass can become quite high, especially given that it needs to be maintained throughout the entire school year, more schools and nurseries are turning towards artificial grass as a solution.

  • Sports pitches

Since sports pitches get used a lot, its scale of maintenance is quite high and expensive. Since many sports injuries also occur as a result of rough terrain like natural grass, artificial turf is a better safety option and can save landowners a lot of money over time.

  • Golf courses

If you have ever wondered just how golf courses manage to look so healthy and green all year long, now you know. One of the most popular uses of artificial grass is to accommodate the needs of a golf course. It requires next to no maintenance for the popular activity, and always looks good for players to play on.