There are various types of artificial grass that are used for different purposes. It can be used for something as small as your front lawn or something as big as either a golf course or stadium.

Artificial grass is also known as turf grass and is made from some of the best quality synthetic fibers. If you imagine how artificial grass is constructed it seems like it was just fabricated from a machine within a matter of seconds, but to make it look natural, it actually takes time to construct it to perfection. So much, in fact, that you would have a difficult time distinguishing between what’s real and what’s not.

The 3 Types of Artificial Grass

  • Polypropylene

As one of the most popular options, you can imagine that polypropylene is also the least expensive type of artificial grass on the market. It is the preferred option for most homeowners and businesses, particularly because it is budget-friendly. It also comes in a variety of different styles, which makes it even more popular. However, as every cheap investment has its price, it’s necessary to take into consideration that it has a rather low melting point, which also means that it isn’t half as durable as other types of artificial grass. This type of artificial turf is only recommended for small spaces.

  • Polyethylene

Compared to polypropylene, most experts recommend polyethylene for outdoor spaces, and even large lawns. It is pricier than polypropylene but feels and looks incredibly natural. It has excellent durability and can be used for landscape edging, outdoor play spaces, pool areas, and lawns.

  • Nylon

For an extremely durable option, nylon artificial turf is the way to go. It can withstand very hot days, as well as a lot of weight, which means that it is perfect for golf courses, stadiums, or a large piece of land reserved as a lawn. It is the most expensive type of artificial grass and is recommended for large areas due to its strength and stability.


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